Saturday, 2 November 2013

Container ship Atair J on its way to Rotterdam

Atair J is one of the family owned company's 30 modern containers ships.

Container ship Atair J (133.60 m x 19.40 m) was yesterday going northwards in the Sound on its way to Rotterdam. Atair J is owned and managed by German Reederei Jüngerhans, with a 120-year old tradition in shipping.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Tankers Mitrope and Minerva Lisa meet close to Helsingør

The Greek tanker Minerva Lisa (243 m x 43 m) and the Maltese registry tanker Mitrope (149 m x 23 m) met this morning in the Sound:

Mitrope (on the left) and Minerva Lisa meeting close to Helsingør.

Minerva Lisa's destination is Ust Luga.

Mitrope was going to Skagen, where it is waiting orders.

Three Dutch Navy Offshore Patrol Vessels and a frigate in Øresund

This autumn there has been quite a lot of naval traffic in Øresund. Only a couple of days ago three German Navy speed boats and their tender were going northwards in the Sound. This morning three new Royal Netherlands Navy Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) and a frigate were heading in the opposite direction.

Somewhere close to Kullen the three Holland Class OPVs - HNMLS Holland, HNMLS Groningen
 and HNMLS Zeeland - and the frigate Van Speijk were still close to each other.
Minutes later the Van Speijk turned around and remained in the background
for a while.
Holland, commissioned in July 2012, was the first to enter the Sound.

Holland was followed by the newest ship in the class, the brand new HNMLS Groningen (P843).

Zeeland (P841) was commissioned as late as August this year.

The 122.3 m x 14.4 m Karel Doorman Class frigate Van Speijk (F802), commissioned in 1995,
 followed the OPVs about 20 minutes later.

The 108.43 m x 16 m Holland Class Offshore Patrol Vessels are built and designed by the Damen Schelde Naval shipyard. They are able to monitor up an area up to 140 nautical miles using Thales Integrated Sensor and Communications Systems radars, a mine detection sonar and an infra-red warming system. The sensor systems are housed in the integrated mast, also provided by Thales.

I added this picture of the Van Speijk and a boat carrying Danish sport fishers:

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bore Line's ro-ro cargo ship Estraden in the early morning mist

Estraden approaching Helsingør/Helsingborg early this morning. The ship is
on its way to Paldiski.

Estraden is one of Finnish Bore Line's ro-ro cargo ships, for the time being chartered to Mann Lines. The 162,70 m x 25,70 m Estraden was built in 1999 at Aker Finnyards in Rauma (Finland).

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Three German Navy Gepard class speedboats and tender Elbe going northwards in Øresund

This afternoon three German Navy Gepard class (143 A) speed boats - Gepard S71 (P6121), Ozelot S78 (P6128) and Hermelin S73 (P6123) -  were going northwards in Øresund, followed by their tender Elbe (A511).
Four 3.300 kW diesel engines give the 57.6 x 7.8 m speedboats a top speed of 40 knots (about 74 km/h).  The home port for the Gepard class speedboats is Warnemünde.
Hermelin S73 approaching Helsingør.

Hermelin with the coast of Danish Zealand in the background.

Gepard a few kilometres north of Helsingør.

Ozelot with a foggy Danish coast in the background.

The 100,55 m / 15,4 m / 4,05 m Elbe provides fuel for the thirsty speed boats.
Another picture of the Elbe in the Sound.

Here you can watch the Gepard S71 in action:

Old and new in Helsingborg

Old and new housing in Helsingborg:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The bathing platforms in Helsingborg the day after the storm

After the great storm yesterday, the bathing platforms in Helsingborg looked rather deserted this afternoon:

Still, they have their users even this late in the year:

Or they can be used for a nice background in a photograph:

Sydform 13 - Contemporary furniture by young Swedish designers on display in Helsingborg

Today I visited the Dunkers cultural centre in Helsingborg in order to see Sydform 13, an exhibition of furniture by young southern Swedish designers.

The most eye catching pieces were a sofa and a chair by Ellinor Ericsson. The designer says that they represent a mix between Nordic design and rococo.

I added an image of a pair of "electric shoes", also shown in the exhibition:


Monday, 28 October 2013

Container ship Sylt in stormy Øresund weather

It was stormy weather for container ship Sylt (141 m x 23 m) as she passed Hittarp late this afternoon. Later on tonight the winds will be even stronger before she reaches her destination, Aarhus.

Finnish container ship Aila on its way to Teesport

Aila in the Sound.

The Finnish container ship Aila (141 m x 22 m) was this afternoon going northwards in Øresund on its way to Teesport. Aila, built by J.J. Sietas of Hamburg in 2007, is one of the ships in the Lang Ship fleet.

Views from my balcony (17): Early morning picture before stormy weather

The still rather calm view early this morning. Later during the day
stormy weather is forecast.


I added this picture, which I took just before 4 PM, when the storm is closing in on Øresund: